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Oils Extra Virgin Olive oil.We can offer you the most wide range of authentic Spanish Olive Oil. Maximum quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with all its properties and characteristics. It can be considered Olive Juice.
Olive oil.Besides the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we can offer you virgin olive oil, olive oil and pomace olive oil.
Sunflower oil.Produced and bottleld in Spain, with the highest levels of quality. Available pet or can also big formats
Blended oils. We have the possibility of making your specific composition.
Special products.Extra Virgin Olive Oil in beautiful bottles, flavoured ones, mono-dose, pearls, black ail, vinegars, and much more. Very high quality products for gourmet shops or your home.
The most wide range of quality Olvie Oils and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Prepared meals ready to serve Spanish and Portuguese recipes. The most delicious receipes ready to serve, ready to eat. Beef with vegetables, lentils with chorizo-sausage, Asturian beans, white beans with quails, and much much more.
Even, why not, all of these with your own brand. Even more let us know your own recipe.

Beans with quail, lentils with chorizo, veal, beef, and much more.

Gourmet dishes. A set of special receipes with the maximum quality. Quails in spicy sauce, Iberian chorizo spreadable meat, sheep cheese pate, wild animal pate, etc.
Halal food. A wide range of receipes prepared according to Islamic standards, and which have been checked and certified by certification authorities
Cous cous mix with beef, chicken, or lamb, Chickpeas stew with lamb, chicken curry, chicken beans stew, lentils stew with beef, beef meatballs, chicken metaballs, beef with vegetables, corned beef, chicken luncheon meat, and much much more. Everthin with the Halal seal Wines with and without alcohol Table wines. The whole range of table wines. White, red or rose wines, in bottle, brik or bag-in-box. You decide
Even, why not, all of these with your own brand. Even more let us know your own recipe.

Table wines to your like. Red, white and rose wines

High standard wines. Spain is land of wines, some of the best wines in the world are made here.
Get wines from La Mancha, Rioja or Ribera del Duero at the best prices.
Absolute new Blue Wine. The new blue wines are causing sensation all over the world, similar to white wines but with their particular blue color. It is a perfect wine to any time. You must to taste it.
Bio Products Bio juices. A very wide range of assorted Bio juices:
Carrot, orange and lemon, lemonade, orange, apple, peach, tangerine, pear, tomato, white grape, carrot, orange and carrot, grapefruit, mango, peach and white grape, mediterranean, tropical, green plum, apricot, red grape, zqueezed red grape, cranberry, blueberry, melon, zqueezed pomegranate, zqueezed orange
Bio juices with Aloe Vera. peach, carrot, pineapple, apple, mango.
Ecological Creams. Andalusian Gazpacho, cream of carrot soup with fine herbs, cream of vegetables soup, cream of courgette soup.
Bio canned vegetables and others. Peeled whole tomato, crushed tomato, homemade fried tomato, seasoned green olives, almond cream, almond paste.
Beetroop strips and slices, carrot strips, green beans, green peas, green peas and diced carrots, vegetable mix, sweet corn.
Organic Jams. Strawberry, orange, apricot, plum, apple, peach, tomato.
Organic Jams with syrup. Peach, orange, strawberry, apricot, cranberries, blueberries, fruit of the forest, raspberry, plum, tomato.

Range of Bio Products: Juices, canned vegetables, jams, and others

Ice cofee Ice coffe. .

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